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  • Coding Knee Joint Chondromalacia

    Posted in Coding Blogs on Mar 18, 2016

    Chondromalacia of the Knee Joint is somewhat unique in that there is no one Code Set to cover the entire joint. There are 2 Code Sets, one for the patella, and one for the rest of the knee (femur and tibia). M22 is the Code Set for Disorders of the Patella, including M22.4 _ for Chondromalacia (5th character for laterality). It seems to be the only code for this disorder, and is specific to it. M94 is the Code Set for Other Disorders of Cartilage, for which M94.2 (5th character for the joint, 6th character for laterality) is for Chondromalacia. The 5th character for the knee joint would...

  • External Cause Codes

    Posted in Coding Blogs on Mar 18, 2016

    This is a general discussion of External Cause Codes as it applies to coding for Orthopedic Surgery. In general, these tend to apply to traumatic injuries, but can be applied to other sources of illness as well. Far more extensive and detailed rules and instructions can be found in the major available coding manuals in the chapter designated as External Causes of Morbidity, usually Chapter 20. In a general sense, the External Cause Codes answer the questions as to who, what, when, where, and how a particular patient received their injury or injuries. These codes include the V, W, X, and cer...

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